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A program of training, innovation, and research in real-time water monitoring technologies, committed to the principle that the human right to clean water requires the right-to-know water is clean.

Choate Pond


Smartest pond on the planet

Oct. 24, 2023
Air Pollution: 1/Low
1:00 PM EDT
Pace University
Pleasantville, NY
About water monitoring here

Water (Alan)
Temp: 54 F/12.2°C
Oxygen: 69.0%
pH: 7.43
Turbidity: 111
Salinity: 0.260

Temp: 58.8°F/ 14.9°C
Humidity: 77.1%
Solar Flux: 594 sfu
Wind: S 8.25 mph
Baro. Press: 1018.8 mbar

What Are Ada and Alan Telling Us?

Our solar-powered monitoring stations have transformed Choate Pond into a real-time laboratory. Named for 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace, and British computer scientist Alan Turing, who broke the Nazi Enigma code, the stations report water quality to our server every 15 minutes. Learn more.

What is in Pace drinking water?

Here is your guide to campus drinking water. It includes a description of Pace Pleasantville water sources, applicable drinking water rules, and an archive of Annual Water Quality Reports. Because Pace Pleasantville manages the local collection and distribution of its drinking water we are considered a “community water system” under federal and state law. Pace must therefore comply with applicable governmental reporting. Educate yourself! An informed drinking water consumer is a healthy drinking water consumer. Learn more.

Blue CoLab Team

blue colab team fall 2022

Top Row, L-R: JD Cronin, Keathson Lam, Damien Clarke, Sohaib Babar, Alberdi Julca, Marcus Manning, Michael Rourke, Datun Obasa, Anthony Gjivovich, Max Yankowitz, Sasha Breygina, Dmitrus Garcia, Professor John Cronin.  Middle: Charlie Ten, Andrew Kirk, Meryl Mizell, Cece Porter, Isabella Coraci, Lilah McCormack, Justin Brandon.  Bottom: Program Coordinator Leanne Keeley, Stephanie Sicilian, Sasha Palmer, Jack Sullivan, Leanna Machado.

Our Team at Work

Blue CoLab builds systems, deploys stations, manages data, develops web sites, creates apps, visualizations, and sonifcations. Our data lab, in Goldstein Academic Center, Room 317, has student-built dashboards that visualize and constantly update our data. Our technology lab is equipped for building real-time monitoring stations. Our weekly scrum is Fridays, 1:20 Seidenberg Lounge, Goldstein Academic, Pleasantville campus. Visitors are welcome and encouraged!  Join us!

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