“You have a right to clean drinking water. As important, you have a right-to-know if your water is clean . . . before you drink it.”  ~ Blue CoLab Director John Cronin

Innovating water . . .

with technology . . .

skills . . .

teamwork . . .

collaboration . . .

dedication . . .

and pride . . .

for everyone.

Blue CoLab is a full-time program of training, research and development exploring real-time sensing and monitoring technologies for the protection of human and environmental health.

Choate Pond Observatory

March 21, 2023
Int’l Day of Forests!
10:00 AM EDT
Pace University
Pleasantville, NY
About water data here

Water (Ada)
Temp: 45.5°F/7.5°C
Oxygen: 127%
pH: 8.08
Turbidity: 13.5
Salinity: 0.44

Temp: 46.8°F/8.2°C
Humidity: 47.6%
Solar Flux: 486 sfu
Wind: E 1.95 mph
Baro. Press: 1018.4

What Are Ada and Alan Telling Us?

Ada monitoring station

Our Choate Pond stations are named for Ada Lovelace, 19th century mathematician and the first programmer, and Alan Turing, the computer scientist who broke the Nazi Enigma code, and was persecuted by Britain for being gay. Solar powered, their underwater sensors take 5 water quality measurements every 15 minutes. A data logger and wireless modem send the data to our server. Choate Pond drains to the Pocantico River, then to the Hudson and the Atlantic. More.

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Our Team

blue colab team fall 2022

Left to right, front row: Kenji Okura, Prof. Leanne Keeley, Leanna Machado, Lilah McCormack, Prof. John Cronin. Row 2: Noëlle Meij, Stephanie Sicilian, Vincent Ret, JD Cronin. Row 3: Andrew Iadevaia, Cece Porter, Sasha Breygina, Sasha Palmer, Sohaib Babar. Back row: Kyle Hanson, Justin Brandon, Max Yankowitz, Joseph Turner, Marcus Manning.

Our Team at Work

Blue CoLab team members do it all: build systems, deploy stations, manage data, develop web sites, build apps, create visualizations, sonify data, wade in mud, row boats and more, using our own labs, instruments, equipment and server. At our weekly scrums, project teams report to the full team and conduct problem solving together. Visitors are welcome, even encouraged!: Fridays, 12:15, Seidenberg Lounge, Goldstein Academic Center, Pleasantville campus. Join us!

Blue CoLab Blog

Blue CoLab Blog

Click here to read posts, articles and projects by Blue CoLab students, faculty and staff. Updated weekly. If you are interested in contributing a post, contact Professor John Cronin: jcronin@pace.edu