Our Supporters

Though Blue CoLab is barely two years old, our generous supporters have provided more than $600,000 in

grants, technology, and physical resources.

These gifts equip our students for  real-world projects that advance our mission of safeguarding the public with real-time water quality information. The Blue CoLab team is thankful every day for the generosity that fuels our program.

Gale Epstein Fund

A special thank you to the Gale Epstein Fund for continuing operational support, creation and outfitting of our Data Lab, and sponsorship of the Ada Lovelace Environmental Technology Internship to encourage women in tech. More on Lovelace here: https://bluecolab.pace.edu/ada/

Justin Brandon Blue CoLab

Virginia Letourneau

The multi-year Virginia Letourneau Internship sponsors our chief technician and US Army Veteran, Justin Brandon, who operates and manages our Technology Lab. Virginia has also supported the additional equipping of our Data Lab.

Justin Brandon Blue CoLab

Corporate Partners

Corporate donors provide diverse resources that often only the business sector can muster. The combined technology donations by the General Electric Company and Xylem Inc have, to date, totaled more than $200,000 in instrumentation and equipment. Turner Construction and Unicorn Contracting enabled us to open our Technology Lab. Anchor QEA was instrumental in our kickoff, and provided our much-needed equipment trailer. Torqeedo and Crestliner made possible our electric-powered boat. Thanks to Dakota Lithium we were able to upgrade to lightweight batteries for our monitoring stations, and to Elo whose touchscreen will be the centerpiece of our first interactive water kiosk. We are ever grateful to the commitment of these supporters to our mission.

Blue CoLab sponsors
Blue CoLab sponsors
Blue CoLab sponsors

And, in his own category . . .

Dean Jonathan Hill

Dean Hill would have declined recognition here (had we only remembered to give him that opportunity), but we felt compelled to credit publicly his unwavering support that made Blue CoLab a reality at Seidenberg School. We thank him for his vision, the community he has created, and his commitment to opening new horizons for our students.