Join us!

From student to supporter, many have already joined our new generation of innovation that
protects the public from contaminated drinking water. 

Blue CoLab is: enrolled students, interns, volunteers, faculty, staff and, of course, our supporters. We share in common a commitment to innovations that will protect people around the world from unsafe water. If our mission interests you, and you would like to be part of the team, please read on.

Blue CoLab Team

Hundreds of millions of illnesses are caused each year in people who unknowingly ingest contaminated drinking water. It does not have to be that way. We train students in real-time water monitoring technology and skills that will someday produce a universal warning system about water. Just as we now expect storm warnings on our cell phones, we will someday come to expect immediate alerts if our water is unsafe.

This requires a new generation of innovations that will guarantee the public the right-to-know the quality of their water before they drink it. Blue CoLab is committed to doing its part. If you want to join the team, here are some ways:

Students: We need a wide range of talents: data, tech, natural sciences, policy, user experience, product development, social media, and more. You can enroll in CIT 396D, volunteer, or watch for internship possibilities such as the “Virginia Letourneau Internship,” and the “Ada Lovelace Environmental Technology Internship.”

Faculty: Faculty from multiple disciplines, ranging from environmental science to product development have assisted Blue CoLab, and mentored its students. Just one example: Professor Andreea Cotoranu, a Blue CoLab co-founder, whose User Experience and Product Development graduate students have taken on Blue CoLab as their client, assisting with innovative ways of turning complex data into digestible information.

Supporters: Though barely more than two years old, Blue CoLab has benefitted from more than $600,000 in external funding, and much-needed donated instruments and related equipment. With these resources we give our student team a professional experience on real-world projects that advance our important mission. Our goal is to double our support in the next two years. More here:

As with all great projects and institutions, Blue CoLab began as a simple idea. We built that idea into a year-round program that involves scores of students, faculty and supporters in common purpose to protect hundreds of millions of lives.

The planet is in desperate need of a global technological initiative that will bring to people the right-to-know their drinking water. We can think of no better place to begin than right here on the Pace University campus. 

If our mission interests you, contact John Cronin, Blue CoLab Director: