Dr. Frank Parisi & the Data Analytics Team


Data mangling is the extraction, manipulation and cleaning of data for public use

The Blue Colab Data Analytics team was honored to welcome Seidenberg’s Dr. Francis Parisi to its regular meeting last week. He is a renowned data science professor on the New York City campus whose research interests range from climate to finance, with several stops in between. 

Dr. Frank Parisi and the Data Analytics Team on a zoom call.

We Dr. Parisi for his guidance and expertise on our team’s priorities for the semester, which kicked off a fascinating conversation on many topics.During our discussion we dove into “data mangling” — extracting, manipulating, cleaning and managing data — basically getting it into shape for public viewing and understanding. (Watch for our update on “Mangling Ada’s Data”)

Our conversation took an interesting turn when Dr. Parisi brought up the current pandemic, and the unique opportunities it offers for conducting time-series data analyses — comparing data collected before the pandemic with data collected during and after the pandemic.

Dr. Parisi recommended some online tools to advance our work, and volunteered to assist us with the tasks ahead. We also learned he is a fan of the resonator guitar.

Dr. Parisi will join our next meeting. If you would like to be a fly on the wall, contact me at: vg01407p@pace.edu

Vicente Gomez

Vicente Gomez

Vicente Gomez ’21 is Blue CoLab’s Senior Data Scientist and Leader of the Data Analytics Team. He studying for his BS in Computer Science in the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. 

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