Director’s Welcome


At Seidenberg School, we believe students can make a difference today,
before they launch their careers of tomorrow. 

Blue CoLab is dedicated to the proposition that you have the right-to-know the quality of your water before you drink it, swim in it, fish it, or even swamp your canoe. We are a team of students, interns, graduate assistants, faculty and staff who work to advance the technology, information and warning systems that will bring you that information. 

Water contamination is endemic across the planet, making hundreds of millions of people ill, including tens of millions in the United States. The best defense against this threat are innovations that enable real-time, technological detection of water contaminants before they can reach our taps or recreational waters.

To advance those innovations, Blue CoLab is decidedly “hands-on.” Our students dive into: operation of real-time sensors and instruments; management, visualization and sonification of data; UX, web, GIS and app development; system cybersecurity and more. They work in a team-based environment, using our own labs, instruments, equipment, and servers.

Blue CoLab stands for everything that makes Seidenberg School a special place — harnessing innovation on behalf of society, and providing students skill-based experiences that lead to a career meaningful to them, and to society.

All of us at Blue CoLab look forward to seeing you on the team. ~ JJC

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