Ringling Bros. to Halt the Use of Elephants

ANIMAL-RINGLINGBeset by decades of unrelenting protest that is only on the rise, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced on March 5 it will end the use of elephants in its shows by 2018. CEO Kenneth Feld stated, “Because so many cities and counties have passed ‘anti-circus’ and ‘anti-elephant’ ordinances, it’s difficult to organize tours of three traveling circuses to 115 cities each year. Fighting legislation in each jurisdiction is expensive.” He did not address whether Ringling will end the use of other exotic animals. The video below was part of the tipping point that forced the Ringling decision. It was produced by the students of the Pace Environmental Policy Clinic in support of New York State legislation to ban the use of all exotic animals in circuses.

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